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This blog is a place where I talk about a book I wrote, called My Christian Journey with Zen, and other meditation related topics. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

Contemplative Care

2016Posted by Gustav 07 Apr, 2016 23:46
After having been interested for years in their training program called Being with Dying, I finally wrote an email to Joan Halifax Roshi at Upaya Zen Center in New Mexico, USA. She is currently in Japan, but she kindly replied within minutes that I was welcome to apply. I have my eyes set on the course that will be given in May 2017, and now begins the process of trying to find funding. I hope the Swedish Hospital Church will support me with a part of the costs. The whole contemplative care movement seems very interesting to me, and I'm looking forward to hopefully do the training course next year. If possible, perhaps also visit the Zen Hospice Project in San Fransisco and the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care. I believe this would be a good way to deepen my practice and service as a hospital priest. Here's a link to the Upaya program, and below is an excellent TED talk given by Dr BJ Miller at the Zen Hospice Project.

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