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An old man's voice

2016Posted by Gustav 30 Mar, 2016 23:05
Today we had our monthly meditation for peace in the crowded city square. It was warmer and more comfortable than in January and February. As usual, we sat for an hour, and, again, I was amazed by how much more I hear of the sounds and voices around me when I sit silent and still.

Some voices sound interested in what we are doing, others more annoyed. Some feet are moving quickly, and others more slowly. And then an old man came walking by. I think he was about 80 or 85 years old. He had difficulties walking, and he had someone with him who helped him. Perhaps he didn't see us sitting there at first, because he walked by very close to us, and when he was right in front of us he said: "Look! They are looking into their souls."

I don't mean to get into a discussion about the concept of a soul, but I was surprised and touched by the old man's comment. Actually, my friend sitting next to me heard him say "themselves", and not "their souls". I don't know who's right, but either way, it sounded to me that the old man saw something, he appreciated something, and I think it was a beautiful thing to say.