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This blog is a place where I talk about a book I wrote, called My Christian Journey with Zen, and other meditation related topics. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

Sitting with Orlando

2016Posted by Gustav 15 Jun, 2016 23:59
This action movie of the left side of my back was shot by my friend Lillemor at today's meditation for peace in the Umeå city square, three days after the horrific mass murder at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, USA. In this blog post, I would like to take the opportunity to translate something I wrote in Swedish on my Facebook wall, the day after the terrorist attack on the LBGT community:

"I am a religious person and I have even become a priest. At the same time, I feel a kind of love-hate relationship to religion, and on a day like this it really gnaws at me. I may be wrong, but in my eyes it seems that throughout history and even today, it is primarily religious ideas that nourish and carry hatred and violence against LBGT people. I remain in the Church because I believe in her wounded goodness. But whether we are Christians, Muslims, atheists or cyclists, we need to stand up together in order not to let violence and hatred engulf all of us in this world. Within our respective contexts, we need to stand up against the ideas that discriminate and devalue LBGT people. The world needs our compassion, yours and mine, all that we can summon up. Now."