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This blog is a place where I talk about a book I wrote, called My Christian Journey with Zen, and other meditation related topics. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections below.

Having fun in the rain

2016Posted by Gustav 25 May, 2016 23:46

Just a short report from today's meditation for peace in the city square. It was a rainy day and about 10 degrees Celcius. A large truck had parked right where we usually sit, so we sat down in a different place in the square. From there, we could not see the big clock on the city hall, and I found it quite nice not to be able to see the time. Letting go of the minutes and just being with breathing, raindrops, thoughts, wet concrete, so many feet and legs walking by in the periphery of my lowered gaze, some stopping and looking at us, the cold slowly finding its way through my clothes and skin, and two signs with the word "peace". We were four people today, and I like what we do. It's perhaps silly and naive in some ways, but I believe in what we do. And afterwards, two of us had a nice lunch together. But what does it mean for peace in this burning world? Maybe nothing? Perhaps something.