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2016Posted by Gustav 06 May, 2016 00:07

Dear friends,

Sorry for the silence. It's been a few weeks since I posted here.

On the 20th of April, this little fellow was born to our family. Our third child. His name is Edvard, and his mother is a hero. We are very happy and all is well.

At the same time, with his two older brothers (one and six years old, respectively), it's perhaps the most intense time of my life.

Let me tell you about my sitting meditation yesterday. In the evening, after dinner, I sat down on my zafu in our living room and relaxed into the posture. Twenty seconds later, my wife asked me to go get some milk for our one year-old, so I did. I gave him the bottle, and sat down again. Folded my legs and relaxed into the stable and upright posture.

I could hear that the TV was on. Our six year-old, Alfred, was watching cartoons. Our one year-old, August, climbed onto my folded legs. Twenty seconds later, a familiar smell, and I had to go change his diaper.

That was my sitting meditation yesterday. And it meant a lot to me.

Sometimes I give beginners, who want to establish a daily practice routine, the advice to just let the butt touch the meditation cushion once every day. That low level of ambition has been helpful to me. And when my butt is on the cushion, it's easier to stay there for a while. But if it's just for one second, that's no failure, but great practice.

So, yesterday I did zazen for two periods of twenty seconds. At the same time, I have the feeling that I'm practicing a lot right now. Perhaps more than ever.

When some of the disciples asked Jesus stupid questions, like "Who is the greatest in Heaven?", he asked them to look at the children.

"The kingdom of God belongs to such as these."